Edit/Play JVC GS-TD1 3d AVCHD mts files on PC and Mac

JVC GS-TD1, the world’s first consumer camcorder to offer 3D recording in Full HD, brings eye-popping 3D recording right into your home thanks to the new JVC-developed high-speed processor that can produce two simultaneous Full HD images. Watching on a 3D compatible TV or other monitor, or even on the camera’s 3.5″ LCD, you can relieve all your memories as they move off the screen and come to life all around you. In addition to the 3D capture, the TD1 also gives you full 1920 x 1080p high definition capabilities as well.

All 2D video recorded with the TD1 uses AVCHD compression, which is the standard amongst consumer HD camcorders. The 3D video can also be captured using side-by-side AVCHD compression, but JVC offers a higher-quality 3D recording option that it calls “Double Full HD”. JVC calls it this because two Full HD images are recorded simultaneously at a very high bitrate (22Mbps or 34Mbps). These two compression options also use an original format compression system (called MVC) that uses the MPEG-4 codec rather than AVCHD compression. 

You may like to watch JVC GS-TD1 recorded 3D AVCHD videos on HD TV or watch them on PC or Mac, at this time, you need a 3D AVCHD to anaglyphic 3D converter to convert recorded 3D files for editing for playing. If you’re looking for a solution for this, check out Pavtube’s 3D AVCHD Converter, a top 3D AVCHD to anaglyphic 3D converter which can help you convert recorded 3D MTS files to any formats you want with 3D effect. The program packs great 3D conversion feature, below is a brief guide for you to convert JVC GS-TD1 3D AVCHD video for watching.

Guide- How to transcode JVC GS-TD1 3D AVCHD MTS to playable format (AVI/WMV/MP4)

1. Free Download and run the excellent 3D MTS/M2TS Converter or the Mac 3D AVCHD Converter to your computer, and import the JVC Everio GS-TD1 HD files you want to convert.

mtsconverter interface Edit/Play JVC GS TD1 3d AVCHD mts files on PC and Mac

2. Click format bar to choose output format, you can choose HD Video -> H.264 HD Video (*.mp4). You can also choose AVI/WMV/MPEG-2 as output format for editing with Premiere/Sony Vegas/Pinnacle Studio.

hd264 profile Edit/Play JVC GS TD1 3d AVCHD mts files on PC and Mac

3. Click convert button to start transcoding JVC 3D AVCHD MTS files to MP4 for playback, or AVI/WMV/MPEG-2 format for editing.

PS: Rich 3D camcorders are supported by the 3D AVCHD Converter, you can convert Sony HDR-TD10 3D MTS, convert JVC GS-TD1 3D MTS, convert Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D MTS, convert Panasonic AG-3DA1, etc.

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